How to get the most out of your DOS

Directors of studies can be a mixed bunch. I’ve had a few; the one who’ll always be there to lend and ear or help out, the one who is useless with admin, the business person who’s guiding mantra is bums on seats, the all-round superhero leader (I bet we all wished we had that one).…

How NOT to get freelance Business English work

How to not get freelance Business English work with a language school Joining a language school might seem like quite a simple process. From a small provider to national or international school or language agency, there are a few things you can do that will make sure you do NOT get the job. En-masse applications…

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How do you analyze needs?

Needs analysis is the foundation for providing effective Business English training and it seems more and more often that I am teaching English for meetings. Every school has its own needs analysis questionnaire including a variety of business skills and personalised questions in addition to a language test which give a sense of the ability…

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ELTABB Journal!

Hi Everyone, Today is the day ELTABB releases volume 1 of the ELTABB Journal. Check out it here and read contributions from Scott Thornbury, Phil Wade and Evan Frendo. Thanks, Dale