DELTA Module 1

This time last year, my thoughts were mainly concerned with DELTA. A few months down the line I would be sitting the module one exam. So strange is it might sound, here I am again, thinking about the same thing one year down the line. This time however, a colleague of mine, Giovanni @GioLic1976 and I have the task of delivering two seminars to this year’s module one candidates.

A brilliant idea came to us the other. Why not involve our PLN in the planning of the seminar? Since we’re tapping the wealth of the experience and ideas around us, we thought we could also share our project on this blog so our research serves as a resource for anyone to access during their preparation for the exam.

My research questions have been as follows:

  • What sort of exam techniques are there to boost and maximise marks in the exam?
  • What are the dos and especially the don’ts of the exam.
  • Revision activities that you have found helpful in preparation for the exam.
  • Timing, structure, layout: how do you/did you do it?
  • Activities/materials you find useful for teaching exam technique.

So far, I’ve been collating my findings on this google doc. It’s open to the web, so anyone can contribute.

Leave a comment, make a suggestion on the googledoc, tweet us, anything you can, add extra questions you think we’ve missed. We’ll include it in our seminar and add it to the collection here. We hope to build a resource that is relevant for candidates for years to come.

Thanks very much,


3 thoughts on “DELTA Module 1

  1. osnacantab says:

    Oh Moses, Jimminy Cricket, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. I am so lucky that I did not have to do CELTA or DELTA otherwise I wouldn’t have been allowed to teach. I did pay for my daughter to do DELTA, though, and she passed and is still employed so my libations have been poured.As far as assessing speaking is conerned, I was an IELTS oral examiner for a few years and found, as an examiner, you build up an overall impression of a person’s grade and that that is the impression to trust. If you trying assessing individual feaatures and giving those marks and add them all up it just does not work. Can you imagine accessing the performance of a piece of music by separately assessing separate features or bars?
    I was AMAZED at the obsession with language, although over an d over again discourse is invoked. And, of course ggggrrrrrrammar was sitting comfortably. “I am staring at my monitor”
    Who on earth in 2012 needs to know that is First Person Singular Present Continuous preposition personal pronoun noun.

    Yes. I realise. These remarks pass the time but are of no use at all unless you are planning a revolution and need moral support.:

    I found it always helpful to say to my students when they were preparing for examinations that I had not set.

    “Remember. You are not doing anything for you English you are going through a different procedure, you are going to take an exam, and it is extremely important for your future. It is a different game.! After that we got to know the exams and exam questions as well as possible, and prepared for them.
    Sorrry. Did not think there was anything here to in Google Doc.


    • dalecoulter says:

      Thanks for commenting, Dennis. You’re so right, it’s a glorified grammar test for the most part. But, like every exam, just get your head down and do it and then you can start developing in much better ways.


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